Lightweight 9 spoke aluminum wheels 12" x 2.75 are adopted.
Choose silver or black wheel.

* Wheel size : 12 x 2.75 (F/R in common)
* Weight : Front : 2.55 kg / Rear : 2.80 kg

DURO DM1092F 110/60-12 is adopted, which looks like stock tire. Low-profile tires make big wheel look outstanding!

* tire O.D. 435 mm (the same as stock rear tire)
* Speedometer might show speed errors slightly for K5 ~ K9 models, as front tire O.D. is about 16mm bigger than stock.

φ210 Big Disc Rotor is newly adopted for big wheels (stock rotor : φ160), which improves stopping power!
Comes with caliper support for stock caliper.

* Disc Rotor : STAINLESS
* Caliper Support : ALUMINUM MACHINED

Everything, collors, speedometer gear box (CF46A/CF4EA) and so on required for installation is included in a kit.

* Drive carefully as handling is different from stock.
* Please do not use lower-profile tire than 110/60-12 included in a kit, as changing O.D. makes tires touch motorcycle body. Make sure to use tires included or same size tire in the market.
* Dust seal (oil seal) on front wheel axle is not included in the kit. Please order separately if required (genuine # : 93106-20804)



SILVER 509-2413980
BLACK 509-2413990

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SILVER 509-2415980
BLACK 509-2415990

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