Here was a CROSS CUB at the meeting at Umekoji park of Kyoto on June 9th, 2013.
You might have thought what the CROSS CUB looked like. Actually, this CROSS CUB was developed by Kitaco as concept model only for this meeting, but a lot of surprise letters to this model came to Kitaco.
Let us explain "the" CROSS CUB.

"To Have a Masculine Image in Cute Body!”

Unlike feminine image Little Cub, CROSS CUB should be more low and wide, meaning wildness comes to appear in cute body.
It looks cute in the mountain as well as in the street.

First Thing to Change is Tires from 17" to 12"!

FRP Fenders along with tire arches

White Rim Tapes

12" wheels for APE
(one-off spacers)

100 width for front, 120 for rear, which make its style stout and fat. White Rim Line Tape and one-off fenders also make tires cute.

• Wheel, Hub : APE TYPE
• Fenders : FRP (ONE-OFF)

Lovely Plump Monaka Muffler

Plump part in the middle of silencer

Monaka Muffler has a plump part in the middle of silencer, that is called "Monaka Structure"!
This muffler has good performance as well as good looking. Hoping that we start production...

• Muffler : TITANUM (ONE-OFF)

Simple Rear / Tail Section

Rear Frame that reminds us of roll bars for pickup truck

Smoothing Top Panel

Shorter Tail Cowl

Simple Tail and Rear Section, using Fender Eliminator kit & LED Tail Lamp

Using Fender Eliminator kit, Simple Rear / Tail section is here. Smoothing everywhere and rear frame that reminds us of roll-bars for pickup truck is on the top panel. Masculine in the cutie is here.

• Rear Frame : STEEL (ONE-OFF)
• Top Panel : FRP (ONE-OFF)
• Tail Cowl : ABS RESIN (ONE-OFF)
• Fender Eliminator Kit : Kitaco LED Tail lamp + CROSS CUB stock front winker (ONE-OFF)

Fancy Custom Seat

Blue and Brown Knitted Fabric Woven Seat

One-Point Brown Fabric

Change stock seat to fancy custom seat. Blue and brown Knitted fabric woven seat.

Pipe-Frame Carrier is on the Center Position

Pipe Frame that reminds us of car carrier.
Possible to hang something casual.

Like Tail / Rear section, Pipe Frame Carrier is in front of center space. Possible to hang something small like a bag.

• Center Carrier : STEEL (ONE-OFF)

Simple, Plain and Useful Handle Bar

Lots of convenience items can be clamped on the Brace Pipe

One Point Dress-up with Polished Bar End Cap

Simple brace pipe is on handle bar. Aftermarket smartphone holder and drink holder can be installed easily.

• Handle Bar : STEEL (ONE-OFF)

Neatly Displayed Meters

Neatly Displayed Meters

Looks like Cockpit Meter Unit

ANALOG SPEEDOMETER, TACHOMETER & DIGITAL FUEL METER are displayed and covered by FRP Meter Cover.

• Speedometer : KITACO φ80 Electric SPEEDOMETER
• Tachometer : KITACO φ60 Electric TACHOMETER
• Meter Stay : ALUMINUM (ONE-OFF)
• Meter Cover : FRP (ONE-OFF)

Sticks to Total Dimension

Swing Arm : 50mm Longer Than Stock

Rear Shock : 55mm Longer Than Stock

+50mm ALUMINUM SWING ARM & +55mm REAR SHOCK makes the perfect balance.

• Swing Arm : + 50mm ALUMINUM (ONE-OFF)
• Rear Shock : + 55mm Rear Shock (ONE-OFF)

Also Sticks to More Details

Black Painted Engine

Chrome Pedal in black, that looks cool together with black engine

Outer Fork painted in black

Front Fork, Engine and small parts such as Pedal are black-painted for masculine image.

What do you think about Kitaco Concept CROSS CUB? It is not only changing to 12' tires, but a lot of small details. Those are just ideas for concept model, but Kitaco might be able to start production, depending on your feedback!

Looking forward to your comment!

All the staffs at Kitaco Engineering Corporation.